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Transactional Signing (XAdES)

The transition to digital processes in public and private sectors is hindered by the inefficient method of requiring physical signatures on printed documents. This outdated step negatively affects user experience and efficiency. Our solution aims to modernise and streamline the signing process, enhancing the digital experience and reducing errors and time consumption.

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Navigating XML files and financial transactions in the digital age

Transactional Signing, particularly with XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES), extends beyond the traditional realm of signing PDF documents - an action analogous to signing a paper in the analog world. This digital progression poses a unique challenge: how do we apply the concept of electronic signatures to non-document entities like XML files or financial transactions? Ensuring legal validity and maintaining the integrity of such digital formats requires a sophisticated approach. The task at hand is not just about transferring the physical act of signing onto a digital platform but about reimagining and securing authentication processes for a broader spectrum of digital transactions and formats, where traditional methods are not applicable. This challenge demands innovative solutions that can uphold the standards of legality and security in an increasingly digitalised world.


Versatile digital authentication for documents and transactions

PhenixID Signing offers a versatile solution that goes beyond just signing PDF documents. It empowers administrators to securely sign various types of transactions, encompassing acceptances, verifications of financial transactions, or specific events. At the core of this functionality is the ability to handle data in XML format. The solution takes the XML data string and applies a secure digital signature to it. This process creates a comprehensive signing certificate that encompasses not only the signature itself but also includes a timestamp, contextual details, and information about the issuer. This method mirrors the robustness and reliability found in PDF document signing, ensuring that each transaction or event is authenticated and secured with the same level of integrity and legal compliance. By doing so, PhenixID Signing addresses the need for a flexible and secure signing mechanism in a variety of digital contexts.

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Securing digital transactions

Responding to the challenge of securing not just PDF documents but also various digital transactions and events, PhenixID Signing has enabled administrators to extend their capabilities beyond conventional boundaries. With its ability to sign XML formatted data and generate comprehensive signing certificates complete with timestamps, context, and issuer details, the solution has brought about a new level of trust and integrity in digital transactions.

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