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SWF 2.5.5

We are excited to share the latest update to our Signing Workflow (SWF) with version 2.5.5. This release brings new features and important defect fixes to enhance your user experience and document handling.

New Features

  • IGA-652 Extended Pre-Validations on PDF Uploads By default, all documents uploaded to SWF will now be checked for potential issues, notifying the user of any pre-existing signatures and PDF locks. This helps ensure document integrity before processing. Administrators can disable this feature if needed.

  • IGA-656 Set Default Setting for Document Download Administrators can now set the default behavior for document downloads for all signers, enhancing the user experience by setting orderOptions.defaultSignerNotification to true.

Defect Fixes

  • IGA-613 Header Logo Does Not Work as Home Button This issue has been resolved, improving navigation within the application.

  • IGA-606 Character Display Issue on MacOS Certain characters were not displayed correctly on MacOS. This issue has been fixed.

  • Database Default Setting The database now defaults correctly to Latin1_General_100_CI_AS_SC_UTF8.

  • IGA-628 GUI Naming Incoherence Incoherent naming for the same links in the side menu and dashboard has been resolved. 

  • IGA-629 Issues When Typing Date Users can now type the date directly without needing to click to get the correct date.

  • IGA-612 Issue with Outlook Client Emails sent out when a user is added via email are now correctly rendered in the Outlook client, eliminating unreadable links.

  • IGA-701 Day Removal When Editing Due Date The issue where one day was removed when users edited due dates by keyboard has been fixed.

We hope these improvements enhance your experience with Signing Workflow. Thank you for your continued support!

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