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Manage signing errands

Picture this: a successful job interview with a candidate and internal stakeholders results in an employment agreement. The final piece of the puzzle is getting everyone to sign the agreement. Enter the challenge - you've invested in a digital signing solution, but orchestrating the signing process efficiently and in the correct order proves to be a daunting task.

Anna overworked and frustrated over onboarding process

The signing sequence dilemma

Meet Tiffany, Anders, and Anna, individuals caught in the intricacies of getting an employment agreement signed. With a new agreement in hand, the traditional method of mailing the document to the first signee, guiding them on where to upload, and then sending it back is both cumbersome and inefficient. Coordinating the signing sequence becomes a logistical headache, hindering progress and efficiency.


PhenixID's seamless signing workflow

In situations like these, relinquish the administrative burden to PhenixID Signing. Simply create an errand by uploading the document, specifying who should sign (pulled seamlessly from your AD, personal numbers, or email addresses), and setting the time frame for signatures. Sit back and let the system seamlessly guide the document from unsigned to signed by everyone.

Whether through a user-friendly web portal or a versatile REST API, the Signing Workflow feature integrates effortlessly with your existing services. No more tedious coordination or back-and-forths – just a streamlined, efficient process that ensures every signature falls into place without a hitch.

John happy with PhenixID Signing

Transforming signatures into effortless success

The implementation of PhenixID's Signing Workflow feature transforms the signing process from a logistical challenge into a seamless journey. Tiffany, John, and Anders can now navigate the complexities of getting documents signed with ease. The status of each errand is at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor who has signed and who is yet to do so. Efficiency, transparency, and a hassle-free signing experience become the new norm, ensuring that agreements are signed promptly and in the correct order. PhenixID has turned the once-daunting task of getting signatures into a smooth, efficient, and stress-free process.

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