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In addressing resource challenges within IT management, the streamlining of identity management emerges as a resource-intensive task. IT departments often wrestle with complexities and crucial tasks, intensified by the error-prone nature of manual updates and a lack of contextual information during identity management. This inefficiency leads to delays for users in even the most basic identity modifications, such as password changes or updates to roles and software access, as well as security headache.

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Confronting resource challenges in IT management

Streamlining identity management proves to be resource-intensive, with IT departments often grappling with complexities and critical tasks.

The lack of context for identity changes and the manual nature of updates make the process error-prone. Not uncommon, the IT administrator is asked by an employee for access to a specific system or a change in the identity without having enough information to know if the request is legit or not.

Users, in turn, face delays in even the simplest identity modifications, such as password changes or updates to roles and software access.


Empower users and simplify identity management

Elevate efficiency and security in identity management by embracing automation and user education. While complete automation may not always be feasible, PhenixID's self-service web portal provides a solution.

Empower users, based on their roles, to update selected identity information themselves. Whether it's an employee updating personal details or a manager granting service access, PhenixID puts control in the hands of those best suited to handle it.

As an administrator, build tailored identity management processes, allowing users to view and/or edit the data you have selected, thus reducing the burden on the IT department.

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Empower your organisation with customisation in identity management

Unlock customised actions:

  • Enable employees to modify personal data like addresses and passwords effortlessly.

  • Empower managers to update identity information and service access for their team members.

  • Customise forms to ensure correct data format being relayed to user stores and identity databases

With PhenixID's Identity solution, simplify and expedite identity management to free up time for the IT administrative personnel so that they can shift focus to more critical tasks, leaving the involved individuals to handle specified parts of their or their or their team members updates themselves.

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