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Delegated access

Centralised access approval, solely reliant on the IT manager, poses inefficiencies and security risks. Make sure to delegate identity decisions to someone with the correct information in real time, and that its done in a simple and user friendly way.

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The pitfalls of centralised access approval workflows

For access approval workflows, where someone with the correct competence grants access for another user to a specific system, a centralised setup is inefficient and insecure. If only the IT manager has the permission to grant access rights to people in the organisation, the IT manager needs to have the competence to decide if access should be granted or not. Illustrated with e example of the employee Tiffany that wants access to the Salesforce application portal, the IT manager has to ensure:

  • That the request is valid - How do I know it's Tiffany requesting this access?

  • If the request should be granted or not - I need to contact Tiffany's manager to determine if I should allow access for Tiffany!

The process can be complex and therefore error-prone due to the involvement of people and functions that don't have the information to make a fast and correct decision.

In summary, not using delegated access in identity management can result in operational inefficiencies, security risks, and limitations in adapting to evolving access needs.


Empowering delegated control with PhenixID Identity solution

The PhenixID Identity solution introduces decentralised and delegated access management rights, aiming to distribute responsibilities and access efficiently while maintaining control and security. For instance, a managerial role may include the authority to grant access to a set of applications for the employees under their responsibility.

Employees can utilise the self-service portal to request access to an application, triggering the system to notify the designated responsible person. If the request is approved, the process of granting access to the employee (which may involve creating accounts in both internal and external systems) is initiated automatically.

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Delegated control for efficient and secure Identity Management

PhenixID's Identity Solution successfully addresses the challenges posed by centralised access approval workflows. By introducing decentralised and delegated access management rights, the system efficiently distributes responsibilities while ensuring control and security. This approach allows employees to use a self-service portal for access requests, streamlining the process. The automated system contacts the responsible party for approval, initiating the access granting process seamlessly. As a result, the IT department can prioritise more critical tasks, reducing operational inefficiencies and enhancing security.
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