September 13, 2018

Identity Provisioning and Entitlement

Identity Provisioning and Entitlement


PhenixID are proud to release the latest version of Identity Provisioning (4.2.1).

As organisations continue to digitalise their operations their IT infrastructure obviously exceed in complexity. This accelerate the need for Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) and understanding the digital identity ecosystem. From the 15+ years PhenixID customers have been contributing to understanding the challenges that large organisations face when keeping up with new solutions and standards for Identity Management.


Identity Provisioning has been a crucial element to achieve automation and information quality  in multiple identity user stores distributed across the organisation, often running on-premise and in cloud applications.

Noteworthy features in this latest release deliver; UX improvements for editing global parameters, automation of adding attributes on large numbers of users, customized removal tool to remove empty values. Release also includes export-, log-, output-improvements.


Read full release notes here