December 1, 2023

Maintenance release – PhenixID Authentication Services (PAS) 4.7.2

This new release includes defect fixes and addition of minor functtions for the 4.7 release, and is recommended for all 4.7 installations.

Bug fixes

The 4.7.2 release includes important bug fixes for the 4.7 release, including

App switching on iOS17 for BankID, Freja eID and SITHs, making sure the user doesnt manually have to switch back to the correect browser. Security vulnerabilities mitigated. Problems with internal federations at restart. SAML updates including support to handle large requests, handling missing scope and AuthnContectClassRef


New/updated features

More attributes available from Freja eID including documentType, documentSerialNumber and photo. Possiblity to force PipeAuthenticator to always be triggered

See full patch release information for 4.7.2 here: