October 22, 2019

PhenixID Authentication Services 3.0 released


PhenixID are proud to announce the new major release of PhenixID Authentication Services. The new release contains several new features both for administrators and end users.


  • Guided configuration of OpenID connect

 The guide will create a configuration for a relying party, to be used with OpenID Connect scenarios. Read more  here

  • Supporting OIDC discovery

Once a guide has been performed OIDC discovery URL is automatically generated.

  • Guided configuration of MyApps application

PhenixID MyApps allows for a one stop location accessing applications both on premise and in the cloud and support for Single Sign-On functionality and access control dependant on the logged in user.

  • New UI for MyApps
    PhenixID MyApps have new updated functionality for displaying applications for end users. Applications can be categorized, sorted and have improved experience on mobile devices.
    See video on YouTube here
  • Verify user application 

Application “Verify user” has been overhauled.  Improved user experience and also supporting identification using Swedish BankID.
See video on YouTube here.


Read full release notes here

PhenixID Authentication Services product page