September 5, 2018

PhenixID eliminates the password for secure Wi-Fi access

PhenixID is proud to announce that PhenixID Authentication Services (PAS) now deliver capabilities to once and for all remove the password for Wi-Fi access. Customers can now extend the security and at the same time introduce a better user experience.



No more shared secret

Historically the WPA2 password has been a ill kept secret and kept the same for years and has resulted in a potential security risk. Introducing in PAS the support for certificate based authentication (based on EAP-TLS), password can be avoided all together.


Revoke user from Wi-Fi Access

In a traditional WPA2 solution, removing someone from the network would mean changing the password to something new and get everyone to change. This is an obvious headache for any network admin and all users.
In a certificate based solution, administrators can easily remove a user from accessing the wireless network by simply revoking their certificate.


Audit and situational awareness

The certificate based approach also comes with increased situational awareness since all connected devices all have individual certificates. In practice, audits and logs will provide intelligence regarding what device connected to the network at a given time.


Read the full release notes of PhenixID Authentication Services 2.6 here