May 30, 2017

PhenixID Identity Manager (IM) 4.8.6 Released

IM 4.8.6 update improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.

This release contains the following enhancements:

  • Improvements
    • MultiListControl – Minor updates regarding LDAP communication
    • Audit logging
    • Support for translation of role names
    • Update of Apache Tomcat (8.5.14)
    • Update of Java (1.8.0_131)
  • Bug fixes
    • Radio buttons will now keep their chosen value when switching tabs
    • The custom control se.nordicedge.controls.SingleValueSelect did not show display values starting with a +. This has been fixed
    • When loading policies from the directory and using a custom theme, an error occurred. This has been fixed
    • An error log entry, occurring at login when the top node contains a comma, has been removed

To get the 4.8.6 release, please visit

Please also check out technical release notes for more information about this release.