December 23, 2022

PhenixID – New Release: Identity Manager 6.1.1

PhenixID are proud to announce the new release of PhenixID Identity Manager 6.1.1. The new release improves the stability, compatibility and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.


With PIM 6.1.0 we introduce overlay using language. This means that there will for English and Swedish be two language files for each language used. (PIM still support the addition of several languages, for any other custom language file there will be only one file.)


  • Session Time-Out Improvements
  • LDAP Connectivity Improvement
  • CSS Updates
  • UI Improvements

Version 6.1.1 includes further fixes on errors introduced with 6.1.0.

Read the full release notes for Identity Manager 6.1.0 here and for Identity Manager 6.1.1 here